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Safe Sound Audio P-1 Audio Processor
OUR PRICE $1,095

Advanced audio compressor with peakride

An advanced audio compressor with peakride, which utilises multiple side-chains allowing the compressor to 'ride' the crests of the audio so that control of fast audio peaks, especially vocals, may be as fast as desired, whilst release from compression compliments the natural decay of the audio waveform. Exceptionally low levels of ripple distortion.

Limiter features multi-stage dynamic threshold control which provides a very high degree of overload protection without the undesirable side effects of traditional 'brick wall' limiters. The limiter has three side-chains each utilising zero delay 'look ahead' dynamic control of limiter threshold. This allows the 'natural' limiter threshold to be dynamically adjusted to match the dynamics of the incoming audio signal and provides for very safe control of maximum audio level without the need for ultra fast attack times; all accomplished with 100% analogue processing.

Single knob expander with 'follow-audio' release time which tracks the natural decay of the audio; useful for post recording noise reduction and adding punch to drum sounds. High quality balanced microphone input using the latest Burr-Brown INA217 chip.

Key Features:

  • Peakride compression utilising multiple side-chains allowing smooth transient tracking, ideal for vocals
  • Limiter with multi-stage dynamic threshold control for high overload protection
  • 3 side-chains each utilising 0 delay ‘look-ahead’ dynamic control of limiter threshold
  • Single knob expander with ‘follow-audio’ release tie useful for noise reduction
  • High quality balanced mic input
  • High impedance intrument input
  • Balanced out and stereo monitor ins with separate source level control for zero latency headphone monitoring of the source/replay mix