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Synchro Arts REVOICE PRO 3
OUR PRICE $579 [RRP $699]
Alignment and Pitch-matching Software for Mac/PC Standalone, AAX, VST3, AU, AudioSuite

Synchro Arts Revoice Pro is used worldwide by top audio professionals for the fastest and easiest adjustment and alignment of vocals, instruments and ADR as well as double track generation.

The new Revoice Pro 3 (released in November 2014) adds a host of powerful new tools, workflow enhancements (for all DAW users) and major new features, including a simple yet powerful toolset for manually adjusting audio timing and pitch. What’s more, users report that Revoice Pro 3 provides the most natural and transparent-sounding processing available.

At the heart of Revoice Pro is our unique Audio Performance Transfer (APT) process, that can give one signal the timing, pitch, vibrato and level features of another signal, plus our highly-praised realistic Doubler process.

These two functions, combined with the new manual Warp process for pitch and timing, means there is now a one-stop, time-saving, high-quality solution for creative and corrective audio manipulation tasks.

Key features:
  • Improved interface is simpler, cleaner, faster, and easier to understand and use
  • Warp processes allow "in-place" preparation of APT guide audio
  • Time-variable pitch transfer parameters graphically vary pitch tightness, offset, and transfer strength
  • Enhanced Doubler can modify the timing of its output and has longer and negative time delay
  • Manual pitch and time warping makes it easy to select and manipulate timing and pitch
  • Upgraded audio processing can produce totally transparent time and pitch adjustments
  • Link plug-ins and copy or drag operations accelerate transfers between Revoice Pro 3 and your DAW
  • AU Monitor plug-in plays Revoice Pro 3's output through an AU stereo insert and tracks your DAW's playback
  • APT (Audio Performance Transfer) process creates tight vocals, instruments, and dialog replacement
  • User-inserted protected regions prevent sections of the output signal from being altered
  • Process-based audition features provide efficient comparison of before and after processing
  • A comprehensive preset system allows saving and reusing settings