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MXR il Torino Overdrive
OUR PRICE $175 [RRP $269]
New Years Clearance - 35% off RRP! - Last one available! Offer expires 25/01/2018.

Knob tweakers and tone freaks, your overdrive pedal has arrived. The Il Torino Overdrive, the MXR Custom Shop showroom’s latest addition, serves up smooth, organic grit with the controls you need to adapt its sound to your carefully constructed signal chain.

Designed by guest Custom Shop engineer Carlo Sorasio, Italy’s premier boutique amp and pedal builder, the Il Torino Overdrive uses MOSFET technology to recreate the gain structure of classic tube preamps, allowing it to sing with sweet, touch responsive saturation and natural sounding compression.

Next, Carlo added a 3-band EQ section so you can finely shape the sound of the overdrive.

Finally, Carlo added a BOOST/OD switch to toggle between Boost Mode—a cleaner sound with just the right amount of compression and sustain—and OD Mode—a more aggressive, cranked tube amp sound.

This pedal uses a sophisticated bypass system in the form of a Class A Low Impedance Output Driver—essentially a form of buffered bypass—to keep your tone sounding warm and natural across long signal chains where signal loss normally occurs.

It all comes in a sturdy MXR box with all the high quality jacks and switches to make it last on the road.


  • MOSFET technology recreates the gain structure of classic tube preamps
  • Dynamic, touch responsive overdrive and natural compression
  • Highly tweakable EQ
  • Toggle between OD and Boost modes for sonic versatility
  • Treble, Mid, Bass, Master and Gain Controls
  • Requires DC9V Power Supply (Not Included)