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TC Electronic Radar Meter Bundle TDM
OUR PRICE $715 [RRP $999]

Bundle of LM5D v2 Loudness Meter & AM6 Annoyance Meter

Pro audio is moving decisively away from the peak level based normalization method that has caused so much havoc with trailers in movie theaters, commercials in broadcast and hyper-compressed pop/rock in music.

The new and better mantra is to combine frequency weighting with an energy-integrated measure of sound, or equivalent continuous sound level, abbreviated Leq. Broadcast has standardized on Leq(K) for measuring loudness, and for the balancing of programs, while level regulation of commercials and trailers in movie theaters is based on a measure of annoyance, also known as Leq(M).

LM5D version 2 is the ultimate loudness meter plug-in, offering full compliance with all of the major broadcast standards in their latest versions: e.g. EBU R128, ATSC A/85 and ITU-R BS.1770-2.

AM6 is designed specifically with delivery for cinema in mind, offering a detailed radar view that allows you to control the loudness of trailers and commercials for cinema. AM6 conforms to the TASA standard, which is used by authorities such as MPAA to certify theatrical trailers.

Both LM5D and AM6 are protected by the same iLok license ("LM5D"), which means that long-time users of LM5D will be able to download and use AM6 for free. Further, both plug-ins are approved for use with Pro Tools HD 9.