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Dizengoff Audio D864 Varimu Compressor
OUR PRICE $999 [RRP $1,349]
old model - available until stock runs out. (currently two available) New model expected late 2017
The Dizengoff D864 Varimu Compressor

The Dizengoff D864 Varimu Compressor is based on the classic Federal AM864 vari-mu compressor.
We chose to base the D864 transformers on the much loved Peerless-Altec designs of the 1960’s. These are very highly regarded for their signal quality to this day, and used examples fetch a premium. We chose nickel-50 core material for good signal fidelity.
For feature set, we have added some extras not found in the original build. For example: variable attack and release, as well as ratio, threshold, and input trim controls. Additionally, we included switchable bypass, link, and two unique features — Growl and Glow.
Growl is a sort of parallel germanium compression that can be switched in and out of circuit. It adds a nice, trashy edge to the sound.
Glow shifts the behavior of the output stage. It gives a more mid-forward response by shifting the way the output transformer saturates. This makes it a great tool for bringing out a vocal or snare crack within a mix.
For the enclosure, we have designed a nice, 2U high all aluminum rack-mount case. Metering is provided by a giant 2.55" round A-scale VU meter. Knobs are Chicago Daka Ware, of course.