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Gibson 2016 Lineup

Gibson USA has released its lineup of 2016 models. The 2016 range sees a return to Gibson's traditional specs on most models, reversing some of the controversial changes brought in with the 2015 series. Featuring a wide range of Les Pauls, SGs and other iconic models the Gibson 2016 lineup looks like one of its best yet.

Return to Tradition

Gibson has reversed several of the controversial changes of the 2015 lineup and has returned to traditional specs on its 2016 range. The GForce electronic tuning system (fitted standard to all 2015 models) has been removed in a return to traditional Grovers. Other changes including the Zero nut and commemorative headstock inlay have also been removed, in favour of traditional specifications. Cases have been revised with Standard and Traditional models returning to the iconic brown hardshell case with plush pink interior, with Special and Tribute models including Deluxe Gig Bags.

Expanded Range of Models

The 2016 Gibson Lineup includes all of the favourite Gibson USA models including Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Traditional, Les Paul Special, SG Standard and SG Special. The 2016 Range also brings back the Les Paul Tribute series (50's and 60's models), Les Paul Studio Faded and SG Faded models, a Flying V for the first time in several years, and 2016 Explorer and Firebird models.

Coming soon to Turramurra

Gibson USA 2016 models are arriving soon at Turramurra Music. Initial shipments will be extremely limited. Contact Us now to reserve one of the first for yourself.

New models will be added to the Gibson Electric Guitars section of our website here as they are announced, so check back regularly. Follow our Facebook page for updates and photos of the latest arrivals.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard
Steeped in tradition, the 2016 Les Paul Standard T has all the ingredients that have made the Les Paul such a desirable guitar, and one of the most legendary.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul Traditional
The 2016 Les Paul Traditional Premium Finish T takes things up a few notches to present one of the nicest pieces in this year’s Gibson lineup.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio
The 2016 Les Paul Studio with Gold Hardware is ideal for the serious guitarist who wants a great performer, but needs to stay within budget.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded
Packed with Pro-level features, the 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Series is priced below anything comparable, it’s destined to sell out quickly.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul 60's Tribute
For those that prefer the diverse sounds of single-coil pickups, the 2016 Les Paul ‘60s Tribute delivers that and plenty more.
Gibson 2016 Les Paul 50's Tribute
For players that prefer a more vintage feel, this year’s Les Paul Studio ‘50s Tribute combines all the right features.
Gibson 2016 Flying V Pro
Heavy Metal players are drawn to the Flying V, and the 2016 Flying V Pro has everything, including renowned tone, to make it a bestseller.
Gibson 2016 SG Standard
Delivering the classic humbucker sound for people who don't particularly want or need a Les Paul Standard, the SG Standard is a much lighter instrument that doesn't cut corners.
Gibson 2016 SG Special Faded
The 2016 SG Faded is offered this year with powerful pickups and time-tested hardware.