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Bring home a legend! Updated model - perfect sitting in the rumpus or recording studio alike - this fridge keeps your drinks cold with authentic amp looks!
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KB37 is a compact and rugged performance instrument. It can house up to 107 HP of modules in its conveniently angled panel that sits right on top of the super high-quality Fatar TP9 keyboard.
RRP: $1,647
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The world needs a smart new guitar amp that can surpass all the expectations of the modern-day guitarist who demands the highest in tonal integrity. That's why Thomas Blug and an experienced team have worked together to design, develop and release AMP1.
RRP: $1,499
OUR PRICE: $1,249
The HD 200 PRO offers powerful and detailed sound for every monitoring task and for every budget.
RRP: $149
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Look no further if you're wanting protection for your cymbals in between gigs - you can hold up to 8 cymbals and accessories while still looking stylish and not breaking the bank!
RRP: $299
Euro device for interfacing banana jack modular to minijack for testing and DIY...
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The MM315 Balanced Modulator is a ring modulator with surprising clarity and precision...
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A Roland System 100m and a Formanta Polivoks both walk into a bar....
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