Cioks DC10

Professional grade power supply with 10 x DC ouputs organised into 8 fully isolated sections for zero hum. Can be used to power up to 3 Eventide pedals!
  • 10 outlets configured in 8 isolated sections
  • toroidal transformer with additional magnetic field shielding
  • 3 powerful DC sections with 400mA each
RRP: $479.00
  • Cioks

DC10 is a member of CIOKS professional range of dedicated multi-output power supplies for effect pedals. It has 10 regulated and well filtered DC outlets configured in 8 isolated sections. With a total of 1.600mA it's a perfect solution for bigger rigs with pedals only using a DC power source.

Its three powerful sections with 400mA each will power pedals with special requirements like those from TC Electronic Nova series, Eventide Factor series, MoogerFoogers, Radial Tonebone or others without the need of custom cables. Selectable with a switch DC10 offers voltages 9, 12 and 15V DC, and combined with one of the included Stack Flex also 18 and 24V DC. The first 4 isolated outlets offering 4x100mA are ideal for standard 9V battery operated pedals.


Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.000000
VoltageMultiple voltages
Isolated OutputsNo
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