Cioks DC8

Professional grade power supply for medium size pedal boards. Features 8 outputs, organised into 6 isolated sections and has 2 powerful sections for powering pedals which demand high current.
  • 8 outlets configured in 6 isolated sections
  • high efficiency toroidal transformer
  • 2 powerful DC sections with 300mA each
RRP: $379.00
  • Cioks

DC8 is a professional medium sized dedicated multi-output power supply for effect pedals. It has 8 regulated and well filtered DC outlets configured in 6 isolated sections.

With a total of 1.000mA it’s a perfect solution for small or medium size rigs with pedals only using a DC power source. Its two powerful sections with 300mA each will power pedals like TC Electronic Novas, Eventide Factors, the digital BOSS or Electro-Harmonix pedals or others which draw a higher current than 100mA.

The first 4 isolated outlets offering 4x100mA are ideal for 9 or 12V pedals needing less than 100mA. Combined with the included Stack Flex the DC8 will also power your 18 or 24V pedal.


Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.000000
VoltageMultiple voltages
Isolated OutputsNo
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