DPA Microdot Adapter - MicroDot to 3-pin XLR (DAD6001-BC)

Adapters for Wireless Microphones with Microdot Connection

RRP: $199.00

The d:fine, d:screet and d:vote range of DPA microphones to suit wireless systems typically come with a Microdot termination (unless otherwise specified) to allow for use on multiple manufacturers wireless systems.

The Adapters are available for purchase separately for the different wireless systems listed here: AKG, Audio Ltd., Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Electro-Voice, Lectrosonics, Line 6, Micron, Mipro, Pastega, Ramsa, Sabine, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, Telex, TOA, Trantec, Vega, Wisycom and Zaxcom.

Below are more common adapters we usually stock and are available for the advertised price:

  • DAD6034 - to suit Sennheiser Evolution and Line 6 X2 wireless systems
  • DAD6010 - to suit Shure GLXD/PGX/GLXD/SLX/ULX/ULXD and Line 6 XD-V70L wireless systems
  • DAD6003 - to suit LEMO Sennheiser SK50/SK250/SK2000/SK3063/SK5012 and Shure URIMLemo3 wireless systems
  • DAD3052 - to suit AKG PT40 wireless systems
  • DAD6006 - to suit Beyerdynamic TS42/TS85/TSI90 wireless systems
  • DAD6012 - to suit Lectrosonics M185 wireless systems
  • DAD6017 - to suit AKG DPT70/DPT700/PT45/PT60/PT80/PT81/PT400/PT450/PT470/PT4000/PT4500 and Samson UTIL/VT2L wireless systems
  • DAD6021- to suit Audio Technica ATW-T101 (UI00) and Lectrosonics UHF (low level) wireless systems

NB: Prices and Availability will vary. contact us for more information or variations.


Brand DPA
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