Headrush Looperboard

The world's first floorboard looper with 7" touch display and powerful quad-core processor

    • 7" high-resolution multi-touch display
    • Over 9 hours of internal recording time
    • Record up to 4 stereo or mono looper tracks at a time
    RRP: $1,899.00
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    The HeadRush Looperboard features premium audio circuitry and operates at a class-leading 32-bit floating 48kHz audio quality, so you can be sure that you'll be capturing every nuance of your performance. A well-refined smart user interface with huge 7” display provides all of the dynamic feedback you need to stay focused on building your loops. You can touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to customize the HeadRush Looperboard to your personal workflow.

    The Looperboard can record and playback over nine hours of audio at full quality to its internal storage, and you can also export your loops for later use by using the SD and USB storage inputs.

    The intuitive audio routing setup page enables you to quickly route any of the four inputs, four looper tracks, backing track or click track to any of the four outputs and/or headphones output, giving you the ultimate flexibility to optimize your sound at any performance situation.

    The 12 built-in footswitches enable you to quickly create and transform your loops and they feature individual RGB LEDs that dynamically update to provide useful feedback. You can record, overdub, play, undo/redo, reverse, transpose, bounce, and peel individual layers off in the reverse order they were added, fade, and clear your individual looper tracks all on-the-fly. You can also reverse, fade, multiply or divide length, and multiply or divide playback speed instantly for your whole loop at once.


    Brand Headrush
    Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 8.0000
    Analog / Digital Digital
    Effect Type Looper
    MIDI Yes
    Stereo Yes
    True Bypass No
    XLR Input Yes
    XLR Out Yes
    Manufacturer Model Number 11/LOOPERBOARD
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