Keeley Electronics Hooke Spring Reverb (Second Hand)

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The Hooke Spring Reverb begins with a Spring Reverb mode. The main features of this mode include the Tone and Spring controls. The Tone control allows you to work within the range of bright and spanky to dark and thick.  The Spring control is the amount “looseness” or “Sproing!” in the reverb pan.  Loose springs seem to generate a lot of reflections, and you can hear the reverb “bounce.”  With the Hooke, you can simulate a specific reverb pan of a vintage amp, two-springs, three-springs, short, medium, long decay … it’s all in there.  What’s more, combinations of these two controls allow you to fine-tune the tone and the character of the springs and tubes in order to dial in your favorite vintage reverb response.  The depth and warmth of the Hooke reverb is simply remarkable.

*Comes with original box and instruction manual


Brand Turramurra Music
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