Korg nanoKEY Studio

Mobile MIDI Keyboard

  • 8 trigger pad,8 knobs, X-Y pad
  • 8 Scene Memory
  • USB Jack (micro), Bluetooth (Two AAA batteries approx 10 hours)
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The Korg nanoKEY Studio provides a keyboard, knobs, trigger pads, and touch pad that lets you instantly convert your inspiration into sound. It is battery operated and can connect wirelessly to iPhone/iPad or Mac/Windows. It’s a compact, mobile MIDI keyboard that is easy to travel with, allowing ease of use anytime, anywhere.Even if you’re not the most skilled keyboardist, the 25 velocity-sensitive keys allows you to step-record easily. The Scale Guide function illuminates the keys to show recommended notes in the scale, making it easier to play. This is a smart keyboard with a variety of performance modes, such as the Easy Scale function, that lets you produce musical phrases using any keys.The nanoKEY Studio can connect not only via USB but also wirelessly. It’s easy to connect to an iPad/iPhone music app such as KORG Gadget or Apple GarageBand, or to your Mac/Windows music production software. Liberated from annoying cables, you’ll be free to set up your system much easier than some other products. Thanks to careful tuning, you’ll enjoy low latency and high stability.The combination of the nanoKEY Studio with KORG Gadget is the ultimate combination for mobile performance. With the nanoKEY Studio that supports wireless connection via Bluetooth MIDI, your iPhone can instantly transform into a music production tool. In your room, in a coffee shop, in transit, or outdoors, you can immerse yourself in music with minimal requirements of space and time.

Key features

  • 25-key Keyboard with velocity sensitivity
  • 8 trigger pad,8 knobs, X-Y pad
  • 8 Scene Memory
  • USB Jack (micro), Bluetooth (Two AAA batteries approx 10 hours)
  • Apple bluetooth low energy MIDI spec compliant
  • Step record as easily as typing
  • Lightweight and compact



Brand Korg
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 0.550000
Standalone No
MIDI I/O Bluetooth, USB
Manufacturer Model Number KO-NANOKEYST
UPC 04959112147423
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