Nord Wave 2

4-part performance synthesizer

  • Samples, Virtual Analogue, Wavetables and FM
  • Multi Mode Filter
  • Arpeggiator and Multi Effects Section
RRP: $4,799.00

The Nord Wave 2 is a powerful 4-part performance synthesizer combining Virtual Analog synthesis, Samples, FM and Wavetable with an intuitive layer-focused interface.

With 48 voice polyphony, innovative performance features and hands-on controls, the Nord Wave 2 offers outstanding sonic possibilities with advanced layering and tweaking on the fly. 

With 4 independent synthesizers in one the Nord Wave 2 offers exceptional possibilities for layering both classic waveforms and samples.

Dedicated OLED displays for Program and Oscillator sections provide an excellent overview when shaping your sounds. The wide range of performance features and instantly tweakable hands-on effects makes the Wave 2 our most versatile performance synthesizer ever. 

Oscillator Types:

Analog: an extensive range of waveforms from classic analog to extended, harmonically rich new additions. 

  • Basic: Saw, Pulse, Pulse Width, Sine, Square with basic tuning controls.
  • Shape: Waveforms where Osc Control will alter the Shape of the waveform
  • Multi: 2 or more waveforms combined where the Osc Control will adjust amount of detune and spread
  • Sync: Soft and Hard synced configurations, where Osc Control controls Sync Frequency
  • Noise: White noise 

Samples: include high-quality samples from our Nord Sample Library 3.0 as well as the possibility to add your own custom samples using the Nord Sample Editor 3. Use the embedded sample presets for instantly playable dynamic sounds or sculpt your own sound from scratch with the "Raw Samp" mode.

Wavetable: A large number of advanced wavetables covering a wide range of tonal characteristics.

FM 2, 3 and 4 operator configurations with harmonic and inharmonic variations.


The Wave 2 features a powerful multi-oscillator Unison effect with true Superwaves simultaneously generating hundreds of waveforms for extremely thick and fat sounds.

Filter Section

The Filter section has 6 Filter types featuring classic 12 and 24 dB Low Pass, a High Pass, High Pass/Low Pass and a Band Pass filter, together with a stunning emulation of the transistor ladder filter from the legendary Mini. The unique modeling of these filters captures the true character and response of the classic analog instruments, allowing for flexible and precise sound design. The Filter section is equippied with full ADSR envelope. 

LFO and Modulation Section

The Wave 2 features a dedicated LFO for each layer with a choice of waveforms plus AD/AR Modulation Envelope with dedicated velocity setting and Invert mode. The LFO has several morphable parameters and the rate can be synchronized to the Master Clock.



Brand Nord
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 9.0000
Analog/Digital Digital
Oscillators Virtual Analog, Wavetable, FM, Samples
Filter Multi-mode filter
Envelope Generator AD/AR envelope, Amp ADSR envelope, Filter ADSR envelope
Other Controllers Pitch, Mod Wheel
Arpeggiator Yes
Sequencer No
Number Of Keys 61
Key Type Semi- weighted
Pedal Inputs Sustain, Control Pedal
Presets Yes
Polyphony 48 Voices
Outputs 2 x 1/4" jack (Stereo Output
Headphone Outputs 1/4" jack
Manufacturer Model Number 25/NORDWAVE2
UPC 834035001523
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