Sonnox Post Bundle

Dynamics, EQ, Limiter, Reverb, SuprEsser, DeNoiser, DeBuzzer, DeClicker

  • 8 Plug-ins in one great, affordable package

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The Sonnox Post Collection is an uncompromising, all-encompassing plug-in solution for audio post-production. Improving dialogue audio, creating unique ambient spaces, polishing a final mix, or removing unwanted noise from set -  Sonnox Post will help in a variety of post-production workflows to quickly achieve the sound you're looking for.


The award-winning Sonnox Restore suite is included, providing fast and effective noise reduction solutions to save you time. Combined with the high-end sound of the classic Oxford EQ and Dynamics, the flexibility of the Oxford Reverb and SuprEsser, and the power of the Oxford Limiter, these 8 plug-ins truly represent the ultimate post-production plug-ins solution.


Brand Sonnox
Version Retail
Download / Boxed Version Download
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade / Full / Intro Version Bundle
License Dongle Required iLok, iLok Cloud
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