Synthogy Ivory II Studio Grands (Download)

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  • Includes the NEW Ivory 2.5 Piano Engine
  • 112GB Core Library
  • Up to 24 Velocity Layers
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Ivory II Studio Grands features two classic studio grand pianos recorded in iconic studios.

The Steinway B is one of the most recorded pianos in history, and one of the most often requested piano models from Ivory customers. It's unique balance of size and power make it extremely versatile instrument for all styles of music. The ideal studio instrument, it's no wonder that Steinway refers to it as "the perfect piano".

The Bösendorfer 225 Grand Piano possesses a deeply resonant tone and a balance in all registers that never sacrifices clarity. Slightly longer than most studio grands at 7' 4" and with four additional keys in the bass, this instrument has a distinguished place in the history of recorded music, having appeared on numerous Grammy® winning and Grammy-nominated recordings. The sessions were engineered by Tony Shepperd in the state-of-the-art Studio A at Firehouse Recording Studios in Pasadena, its venerated sound captured in this historic room.

Key features:

  • Includes the NEW Ivory 2.5 Piano Engine
  • 112GB Core Library
  • Up to 24 Velocity Layers
  • Multiple levels of Release samples triggered by velocity and duration
  • Multiple levels of Una Corda (soft pedal)
  • Native 64 Bit Support


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