TC-Helicon Talkbox Synth

Turn Heads with the Classic "Hose in the Mouth" to "Talking Robot" Effects
  • Modern and Classic Talk Box styles
  • 4 Synth styles
  • Talk Box effects with or without Guitar thru

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Talkbox Synth offers classic and new sounds to the guitarist's arsenal. 

From instantly recognizable talkbox "hose-in-the-mouth" sounds to wonderfully electronic "talking robot" effects, imagine yourself commanding attention at jams and gigs.

Even when the effect is off, Talkbox Synth can vastly improve your core vocal sound with Adaptive Tone, reverb and pitch correction.

Classic talkbox effects have always come through a PA, not a guitar amp, so Talkbox Synth is the ideal way to bridge that gap. 

The XLR output sends your polished vocal mic output to the PA while also outputting the on-board effects when you hit the foot switch. 

The guitar input and output circuitry is designed to preserve your precious guitar tone as it passes to your pedals and amplifier.

The on-board synthesizer is triggered by your single note guitar playing and can translate your solos and licks into something even a skilled keyboardist would marvel at.

Adaptive EQ (equalization), compression, de-ess, and gate automatically control the timbre and shape of your vocal, ensuring that every note you sing is clean and clear. 

With transparent auto-chromatic pitch correction, we nudge your pitch to the nearest semitone.

Whether it’s the ambiance of a small room, or the massive reverberation of a concert hall, TalkBox Synth's vocally tuned reverb always brings out the best in your voice.


  • Modern and Classic Talk Box styles
  • 4 Synth styles
  • Talk Box effects with or without Guitar thru
  • Reverb (Room, Club, Hall)
  • Tone button for Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-essing and Gating
  • Battery operation (batteries optional)
  • Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction
  • Easy connection between standard mic and mixer
  • Phantom power always available
  • Low noise microphone pre-amp
  • Automatic input gain – no more setting and adjusting input gain
  • Mic Control for remote on/off switching with optional TC-Helicon MP-75, MP-76 (main button only) and Sennheiser e835 FX mics
  • Rugged all-metal construction
  • USB connection to VoiceSupport application offering updates, product-specific news and more
  • 9V operation to accommodate common pedalboard power supplies (not included)



Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.000000
True BypassNo
Supplies Phantom PowerNo
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