Teenage Engineering M-1

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  • Compatible with any audio gear with headphone output
  • The universal button has multiple uses
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Foldable headphones with both detachable and built in microphones. 1200 mm audio cable with 3.5 mm 4-pole (trrs) male connectors. M-1 is perfect for use with OP-Z in headset mode, for easy and convenient voice sampling. The headphones are compatible with any audio gear with headphone output. they have two audio jacks, one on each side. the flexible boom mic and the audio cable can be connected to either. You can also daisy-chain several headphones to share the listening experience. whether you are on a plane, train or a bus, you can now share your music making sessions with friends.
  • the left-hand side of the headphones contains the built-in microphone. it can be used for sampling and phone calls when the boom mic is not connected.
  • the universal button has multiple uses. when connected to the OP-Z the button activates / deactivates the mic. when listening to music, double or triple tap to switch songs.
  • the boom mic and audio cable can be connected to either of the audio jacks.
  • the headphones can be daisy-chained to share the listening experience. when connected to an OP-Z, the activated mic will be heard in all headphones in the chain.


Brand Teenage Engineering
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.0000
Open / Closed Back Closed Back
Fit Style On Ear
Replaceable Cable Yes
Manufacturer Model Number TEE-M1
UPC 7350073032853
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