Truetone 1 Spot Pro 12

12 Fully Isolated Outputs with 5 Voltage Options
  • 12 fully isolated outputs
  • 5 voltage options provide power for virtually any effect pedal Variable 4-9Vdc, 12 Vdc, 18 Vdc, 9Vdc and 9Vac
  • Designed with cutting-edge technology, not just transformers for noiseless operation with far more power
RRP: $499.00

Normally, you would find just a big transformer and a handful of small electronic components inside a power brick.

Truetone took the same switching power supply technology found in their famous 1 SPOT and scaled it up to make the 1 SPOT Pro models.

With much more space to work with, they have been able to completely eliminate noise, provide total electrical isolation between outputs, create multiple voltages, and still give you the ability to use it anywhere in the world.

A major benefit of using a switching power supply is that it can handle far more current than any transformer-based power supply.

The CS12 has a total output of up to 3000mA total. That means the total current draw of all your pedals should be less than 3000mA. That total current rating is roughly double the current load of the most common power brick, for a lot less money.


Brand Truetone
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.0000
Voltage Multiple voltages
Outputs 12
Isolated Outputs Yes
UPC 00694336000454
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