Truetone 1 Spot Pro 6

Truetone presents the most powerful slim line power supply in its class, the 1 SPOT Pro CS6.

  • 6 Fully isolated outputs
  • Multiple voltages
  • Rugged steel housing
RRP: $325.00

The Truetone 1 Spot Pro 6 follows the tremendous success of the 1 SPOT Pro CS7 and CS12 and is the most powerful slim line power supply in its class.

Utilizing the energy efficient technology found in all 1 SPOT’s, the CS6 is the first low-profile power brick to be able to put out up to 1600mA of pure, silent power.

Just like its bigger brothers in the 1 SPOT Pro line, the CS6 has a variety of DC voltages available to power just about any pedal on the market.

Each output is completely isolated, regulated and filtered, eliminating crosstalk and noise. With no big transformer to hinder their performance, proximity noise is not an issue with any 1 SPOT Pro.

The low-profile design of the 1 SPOT Pro CS6 allows it to be mounted under flat pedalboards like the Pedaltrain® Nano and Metro series. However, the compact design is also perfect for mounting on top of pedalboards, serving the dual role of a power supply and pedal riser.


  • 6 Fully isolated outputs
  • The 1 SPOT Pro CS6 can be used anywhere in the world without the use of a step-up or step-down transformer
  • Outputs 1-2: 9VDC (500mA)
  • Outputs 3-4: 9VDC or 18VDC (100mA)
  • Outputs 5-6: 9VDC or 12VDC (200mA)
  • Designed with cutting-edge technology, not just transformers = noiseless operation with far more power
  • Cables and converter plugs included
  • Dimensions / weight: 88 x 160 x 31mm (3.46 x 6.30 x 1.22”); 590 grams (1.3 lbs.)



Brand Truetone
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 2.0000
Voltage Multiple voltages
Outputs 6
Isolated Outputs Yes
Included Accessories Cables and converter plugs
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