Yamaha PCY155

15 Inch Electronic Cymbal Pad

  • 3 Zones (Bow/Bell/Edge)
  • Rubber Pad Surface
  • Standard Jack Output
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The cymbal pad consists of three separate zones, an edge zone, a bow zone, and a cup zone. This enables the pad to recreate the unique sounds that are produced when you hit different parts of a cymbal. The pad responds accurately to subtle differences in dynamics during performance and can faithfully reproduce delicate cymbal playing, powerful hits, and choking.

Also, cymbal swinging and stick bouncing are reproduced realistically so that the pad feels natural even for drummers who normally perform on acoustic drums. Using this pad for cymbal performance training will also bring excellent results.


Brand Yamaha
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 4.4080
Electronic Drum Pad Size 15 inch
Electronic Drum Pad Type Cymbal
Output Type Standard stereo phone output jack x 1
Trigger Type Multi Sensor
Manufacturer Model Number PCY155
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