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Xtreme KS128


Stagg Piano Sustain Pedal SUSPED 10

$36.95 RRP$39.95

Roland DP-10
Sold out
Roland DP-10

$85.00 RRP$95.00

Xtreme KT140

$55.00 RRP$65.00

Yamaha FC4A

$59.00 RRP$69.99

Xtreme KS125C


Yamaha FC3A

$119.00 RRP$139.99

Roland EV-5

$109.00 RRP$129.00

Stagg Piano Sustain Pedal SUSPED 5

$20.00 RRP$24.95

Australasian Midi Cable 3ft (0.9m)
Sold out
Yamaha FC-7
Sold out
Yamaha FC-7

$89.00 RRP$99.99

Yamaha LP1 (Black)

$149.00 RRP$169.99

Roland PSB-7U
Sold out
Roland PSB-7U


Stagg KEB-A20 Keyboard Bench

$49.00 RRP$59.95

Roland RPB-100BK Piano Bench
Sold out
Gator GKC-1540 Keyboard Cover
Sold out
Konig & Meyer K&M 18811 Stacker

$269.00 RRP$335.00

Konig & Meyer K&M 18810 Omega Keyboard Stand

$379.00 RRP$475.00

Hercules KS410B

$239.00 RRP$299.00

Korg KA350 Power Supply


Hercules KS400B

$179.00 RRP$219.00