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Optimise your live sound rig with the right accessories. Turramurra Music has cables, stands, adapters, and more to ensure everything runs flawlessly.

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Tama MS205BK Microphone Stand - Black

$129.00 RRP$169.00

Radial Engineering J48

$349.00 RRP$449.00

Stagg MIS-1022BK Microphone Stand

$39.95 RRP$49.95

AmberTec Microphone Cable 5 Metre XLR-XLR

$27.95 RRP$27.99

Radial Engineering ProD2

$275.00 RRP$359.00

Konig & Meyer K&M 210-9B Telescopic Mic Stand

$159.00 RRP$199.00

Konig & Meyer K&M 25950 Short Mic Stand

$145.00 RRP$178.00

Konig & Meyer K&M 210-8B Telescopic Mic Stand

$139.00 RRP$175.00

AmberTec Microphone Cable 2 Metre XLR-XLR

$19.95 RRP$22.99

Tama MS205STBK Short Microphone Stand

$119.00 RRP$149.00

Radial Engineering Stagebug SB-2 Passive DI

$139.00 RRP$169.00

Radial Engineering ProDI

$189.00 RRP$239.00

Radial Engineering JDI

$349.00 RRP$449.00

Tama MS205 Chrome Microphone Stand

$129.00 RRP$169.00

Black Lion Audio PG-P
Sold out
Black Lion Audio PG-P


Konig & Meyer K&M 210-2B Mic Stand

$149.00 RRP$195.00

Radial Engineering JDI Stereo
Sold out
Radial Engineering JDI Stereo

$549.00 RRP$699.00

AmberTec Microphone Cable 10 Metre XLR-XLR
Sold out