Wired Headphone Amps

Achieve crystal-clear monitoring for your live performances. Turramurra Music offers professional in-ear monitors, stage wedges, and mixers for optimal sound.

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Behringer P2 Powerplay


Behringer PM1 Powerplay


Behringer P1 Powerplay

$115.00 RRP$135.00

Behringer MA400


PreSonus HP2

$189.00 RRP$223.52

Jands Ezicom E101 Communications Beltpack

$269.00 RRP$290.00

MIDAS DP48 Personal Mixer
Sold out
MIDAS DP48 Personal Mixer

$879.00 RRP$929.00

Aviom A360 Personal Monitor Mixer
Sold out
Aviom A320 Personal Monitor Mixer
Sold out