Turramurra Music operates a dedicated repairs department and can arrange for warranty repairs and servicing on all products that we sell. We operate an in-house guitar repair workshop and now handle many electronics repairs in-house. We also offer servicing and repairs on brass and woodwind instruments.

Guitar Repairs and Servicing

Guitars are serviced and repaired by our specialist guitar repair team. Setups, servicing, fretwork and all repairs can be arranged. Please contact us for a quote.

Guitar re-strings are completed in-store behind the counter and are generally done same day (depending on volume of in-store activity). Guitar setups are charged at the below prices:

6-String Re-string - $20 (Includes Instrument and Fretboard Clean. Excludes cost of the Strings)
12-String or Floyd Rose Restring - $35 (Includes Instrument and Fretboard Clean. Excludes cost of the Strings)
6-string acoustic setup/service - $60
12-string acoustic setup/service - $90
Electric setup/service - $90 ($120 for Floyd Rose/locking)
Bass - $90

Refrets are completed in-house by our specialist repairs department. The cost of fretwork covers the fret wire used and the setup after the work is completed. Strings and additional work are not included in the base cost, and are an additional cost on top of the below prices. 

Full Refret - $525
Partial Refret - $450
Fret Dress - $240

Brass and Woodwind Repairs and Servicing

We are delighted to be able to offer customers brass and woodwind servicing and repairs in-house. Whether you require a full service or a quick pad or spring replacement, our experienced NAPBIRT accredited brass/wind technician can help you. For servicing pricelists, turnaround times or other information, please contact us. For educational institutions wanting bulk annual servicing pricing, please contact us. 

Electronic Equipment

We are also delighted to now be able to offer electronic equipment repairs in-house. Non-warranty keyboards, amplifiers and P.A. gear can be looked at by our expert technician in-store. Due to space, we can’t guarantee we will be able to take all electronic equipment repairs, so please contact us before bringing in repair items.

Warranty Repairs

Turramurra Music can arrange for warranty repair work on all products purchased from our store within the manufacturers' warranty period, subject to the specific warranty terms, conditions and exclusions outlined by the manufacturer. If you require repairs on a product within its warranty period please contact our repair department who will be happy to assist you.

Please note:

  • Turramurra Music is only able to facilitate warranty repairs on products that were originally purchased from our store.
  • A copy of your original sales receipt or invoice is required in order to process any warranty claim.
  • All warranty claims must be assessed to determine the validity of the claim. Warranty approvals are at the discretion of the product manufacturer (or the manufacturer's local representative, the product importer / wholesaler) and are not determined by Turramurra Music.
  • If a product is determined to have a fault covered by warranty, the product may be repaired, or replaced at the discretion of the product manufacturer (or the manufacturer's local representative, the product importer / wholesaler). Typically the product will be repaired provided this can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. If the product has a major fault which is unable to be repaired a replacement or a refund may be offered. This is at the discretion of the product manufacturer (or the manufacturer's local representative, the product importer / wholesaler), not at the discretion of Turramurra Music.
  • For all repairs (including warranty) it is the customer's responsibility to return the faulty item to Turramurra Music.
  • Charges apply for repairs that are not covered by warranty. Charges also may apply if a product is sent for warranty repair or assessment and is found to have no fault. Please ask us if you require more information.
  • Warranty is provided in accordance with the guarantees provided under Australian Consumer Law.

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