Digital Mixers

Turramurra Music offers a comprehensive selection of live sound mixers, including digital, analog, and powered options. Find the perfect mixer for your needs from top brands like Allen & Heath, Yamaha, Mackie, Behringer, and Tascam.

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Allen & Heath Qu16 Chrome

$3,199.00 RRP$3,999.00

Allen & Heath SQ5

$5,699.00 RRP$6,999.00

Soundcraft Ui24R

$2,399.00 RRP$3,399.00

Behringer XR16 Rack Mount Digital Mixer
Sold out
Allen & Heath Qu24 Chrome

$4,799.00 RRP$5,999.00

Behringer Flow 8


Soundcraft Ui12

$649.00 RRP$829.00

QSC TouchMix 16

$2,899.00 RRP$3,499.00

Zoom Livetrak L-8


Tascam Model 24
Sold out
Tascam Model 24

$2,249.00 RRP$2,699.00

Allen & Heath QuSB

$2,199.00 RRP$2,799.00

Allen & Heath SQ6

$7,199.00 RRP$8,999.00

Behringer X32 Rack

$2,675.00 RRP$2,999.00

Behringer X32

$4,499.00 RRP$4,999.00

Allen & Heath QuPac

$3,099.00 RRP$3,799.00

Zoom LiveTrak L-12


Soundcraft Ui16

$1,249.00 RRP$1,599.00

Tascam Model 16
Sold out
Tascam Model 16

$1,799.00 RRP$1,999.00

Mackie DL16S
Sold out
Mackie DL16S

$1,799.00 RRP$2,299.99

Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixer
Sold out
Yamaha TF5 Digital Mixer

$4,849.00 RRP$5,699.00