DiMarzio FS-1 Black

DiMarzio FS1™ Single Coil Pickup - Black

  • For use in any position
  • 2 Conductor
  • Alnico 5 Magnet
RRP: $109.00

Some players find the traditional Strat® bridge pickup sound clear and sparkling, while others think it’s almost painfully bright. You know who you are, and the FS-1™ is for you. It’s louder (about 25% more power) than a stock single-coil, and smoother and fatter-sounding all-round. When you combine the FS-1™ in the bridge with True Velvet™ in the middle and neck, you’ll have a guitar with calibrated, balanced tone in all five switch positions. For a bigger, more aggressive sound by and large, you can also install FS-1™ pickups in all three positions.


Brand DiMarzio
Pickup Type Single Coil
Active / Passive Passive
Magnet Material Alnico
Pickup Position Bridge, Middle, Neck
Number of Strings 6
Manufacturer Model Number DP110 DP110B
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