Empirical Labs EL-7X Fatso

Full analog tape simulator and optimizer with classic knee compression
  • Offers 4 types of processing: 
  • Harmonic Generation and Soft Clipper (Distortion Generation)
  • High Frequency Saturation (Warmth), Tape Head Emulation & Classic Knee Compression
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  • Empirical Labs

The FATSO (Full Analog Tape Simulator and Optimizer) is a digitally controlled analog device that gives musicians and engineers easy access to many of the desirable characteristics exhibited by older tube and Class A electronics and magnetic tape mediums. This two channel audio processor musically integrates frequencies and transients, increasing the apparent volume while keeping tight control over peak levels.

Key features:

  • Offers 4 types of processing: 
  • Harmonic Generation and Soft Clipper (Distortion Generation) - this class A circuit gently rounds the peaks like saturated tubes or tape
  • High Frequency Saturation (Warmth) - a one-of-a-kind dynamic low pass filter which softens high frequencies when they “pile up” on a source
  • Transformer & Tape Head Emulation - a simulation of the effect of input and output transformers of older devices, which adds the low frequency harmonics that characterize them, as well as analog tape
  • Classic Knee Compression - your typical automatic leveling device found on just about every instrument and vocal track as well as on the overall buss


BrandEmpirical Labs
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 6.000000
Dynamic Processor TypeSolid State
Number Of Channels1
Rack Spaces1RU
Stereo LinkNo
Analog Inputs2 x XLR jack | 2 x TRS jack
Analog Outputs2 x XLR jack | 2 x TRS jack
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