Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike-E

Digitally controlled microphone preamp
  • Mic Pre
  • Comp
  • 1U

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The EL-9 Mike-E is a high performance transformer-coupled mic preamp with a noise floor far below any microphone’s self noise, combined with a one-of-a-kind compressor/saturator circuit that delivers classic knee compression as well as versatile tonal ‘coloring’ that can replicate many of the best characteristics of vintage analog recording equipment.

Key features:

  • Microphone preamp - super low noise transformer input amplifier section with the gain under precise digital control
    he CompSat's unique circuitry sets the Mike-E apart from all other mic preamps.
  • CompSat: 
    Saturator - multi stage soft-clipping circuit
    Compressor - based on ELI’s Distressor, but with other characteristics (including a much longer attack time)
    Emphasis - two-stage circuit that boosts and soft clips high frequencies before the CompSat circuit, and then cuts the frequencies after it
    Mix - provides “parallel compression” technique achieved by mixing between the compressed and the dry (or uncompressed) signal
  • Front panel instrument input that allows the unit to function as an ultra-clean Direct Box and stereo-linking capabilities


Brand Empirical Labs
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 6.000000
Preamp Type Solid State
Dynamic Processor Type VCA
Number Of Channels 1
Rack Spaces 1RU
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