Long Term Hire (Musical Instruments)

Turramurra Music offers long term hire of a range of student musical instruments under a hire-to-buy program. Hire / Buy is an excellent choice for those wanting to try a new instrument for the first time without having to commit to purchasing the instrument up front. It enables you to take home a brand new instrument with the option to purchase it down the track, or return it after the hire if you do not wish to continue playing. This typically applies to popular student models of brass and wind instruments.

For pricing and information, please see our Hire / Buy page here.
If you have hiring requirements that fall outside of these areas, please contact us as we may be able to assist. 

Short Term Hire (P.A. and other)

Our PA Hire Department offers a range of systems and individual components to suit a variety of needs. Equipment is typically hired for the day or overnight.  As Turramurra Music is closed on Sundays, all equipment hired on Saturday is to be returned the following Monday. There is no extra charge for the Sunday.

All hires subject to availability - booking ahead is recommended.


All packages come with standard accessories (i.e. appropriate leads, stands, bags, poles and power). We are always happy to customise systems to cater for individual requirements and specifications. Please contact us for a quote.

Package NameIncluded ItemsPrice (per night)*
Basic P.A. Package 2x 12” speakers, mixer, 1x mic $95.00
DJ Package 1x sub, 2x 12” speakers, mixer, 1x mic $190.00
Band P.A. package 1x sub, 2x 12” speakers, 2x foldbacks (10”), mixer, 2x DI, 2x vocal mics, 2x instrument mics. Extra mic, stand & lead - $10 $250.00
Portable PA 1x Behringer MPA40BT battery powered (includes wireless mic, aux cable) $85.00
Premium Portable PA 1x Sennheiser LSP500 (includes wireless mic, aux cable) $200.00
Drum mic pack Contains: Kick, Snare, Tom, and Overhead Mics $80.00
Wireless headset system Contains: Receiver, Headset & Beltpack $80.00
Wireless handheld system Contains: Receiver, Handheld mic transmitter $80.00
Wireless lapel system Contains: Receiver, Lapel mic & Beltpack $80.00

*Pricing is per night. For weekly and longer term bookings contact us for discounted rates.

Individual components:

Pricing per night


  • Speakers - From $50 p/pair
  • Subs - From $70 each


  • Small-medium mixers - From $35
  • Allen & Heath ZED420 (16 XLR inputs, 6x Aux sends) - $80
  • Behringer X32 digital mixing console - $150
  • Behringer S16 digital snake - $50
  • Multicore 16/4 or 24/6 - $50


(prices include stand and lead)

  • Shure SM57 - $10
  • Shure SM58 - $10
  • Shure Beta 58 - $15
  • Sennheiser 421 brass mic - $20
  • Sennheiser e906 instrument mic - $20
  • Beyer M88 drum mic - $20
  • Shotgun mics - from $30
  • Rode NT5 pair - $30
  • Rode NT1 studio condenser - $30
  • Wireless microphone systems - From $80
  • Multichannel wireless systems available, contact us for pricing
  • Other mics available - contact us.


  • DI box (active) - $10
  • Mic and aux leads - From $5
  • Powerboards - From $5


  • Yamaha portable keyboard w/ stand - $40
  • Korg workstation w/ stand - $40


  • Marshall head & box - $50
  • Fender Twin Combo - $50
  • Ashdown bass combo - $40

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