Expressive E Touché SE
Expressive E Touché SE Rear

Expressive E Touché SE

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Unique Tactile MIDI Controller

  • Patented Hardware: Beautifully engineered instrument.
  • Pre-made mappings for best-selling VST instrumentsare included.
  • Sounds Included 200 custom-designed sounds
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Expressive E Touché SE

Expressive E Touché SE


Touché is an instrument that gives you a unique tactile approach to software. By shaping and controlling sounds with simply the pressure of your hand Touché gives you a powerful and natural connection with music.

Touché controls your synthesizers using four independent 'shiftings: two vertical and two lateral. These shiftings are precise, sensitive to the smallest pressure and slightest movement of your fingers. Opening up a wide variety of gestures, such as: progressive slides, subtle vibratos, percussive taps, or hand-made LFOs. 

Patented Hardware: Touché is beautifully engineered instrument, able to translate anything from the softest touch to the roughest rhythms, with pinpoint precision.

The Soft Touch: Touché can unlock the expressive capability of all your favourite third-party software instruments. Pre-made mappings for best-selling VST instruments are included.

Sounds Included: Touché ships with UVI Workstation software, providing over 200 custom-designed sounds pre-mapped to take full advantage of the expressive power of Touché. You’ll be making music right out of the box.


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