Josephson Engineering E22s

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Unique among studio condenser microphones.

  • Side Address Cardiod
  • Physical profile allows Unobtrusive placement
  • 144db Max SPL
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Josephson Engineering E22s

Josephson Engineering E22s


The Josephson e22S side-address cardioid was designed to meet the needs ofnoted recording engineer Steve Albini. The physical profile allows unobtrusiveplacement, even with tight percussion layouts. Unique among studio condensermicrophones, the e22S capsule geometry is optimized for spot mikingperformance. The circuit uses a cascode discrete FET front end, combined with acustom Lundahl output transformer. The electronics were designed to interfaceeasily with either transformer or direct coupled mic preamps. The e22S has lowself-noise, so it delivers low level detail, and handles high sound pressure levelsfor minimal distortion on extremely loud passages. The microphone housing isvery rugged, with a precision machined, satin black chrome finish.

“The specific need addressed by the e22S was drum kit recording, and the mics areused in that capacity nearly every day, but once they were in our hands, theyquickly became a favorite mic for many instruments, including acoustic guitar,mandolin, banjo, guitar amplifiers, organ and horns. The e22S is easily the mostversatile microphone in our cabinet."

“On loud sounds like drums and guitar cabinets, the 609 head amplifier delivers acrisp, clear signal that is free of distortion, at a level that doesn't require anexternal pad.”
—Steve Albini


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