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Korg SV2S 73

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Road Ready Stage Piano with Built in Speakers

  • 128 voices of Polyphony
  • Equipped with an internal K-ARRAY speaker system
  • 72 compelling sounds, and provides 64 memory location

RRP: $4,899.00

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Korg SV2S 73 top

Korg SV2S 73


RRP: $4,899.00


The Korg SV-2S is an update of the ever popular Korg SV1. Ten years ago, KORG launched the Stage Vintage line to wild acclaim. The combination of an intuitive live panel, the premier keybed, the ultimate realization of coveted vintage sounds, the clarity of world-class pianos, the warmth and character of period-proper effects, and the distinctively smooth shape has inspired musicians from around the globe for over a decade.

The SV-2S is the latest addition to the Stage Vintage series, featuring more of everything that makes an SV great. More Sounds. More Memory. More Polyphony. More Presets. More Control. It is quite literally everything one could want in a performance stage piano. It now even equipped with an internal K-ARRAY speaker system

Never before has a single instrument captured the signature sound, the unique performance experience, and the aesthetic satisfaction of so many definitive keyboards as the KORG SV-2 Stage Vintage.

The SV-2 contains over ten times the sample data available in previous SV models, providing ample memory for many all-new piano and keyboard sounds. The SV-2 is home to 72 compelling sounds, and provides 64 memory locations to store edited Favorites for instant access during performance. Using the SV-2 Editor software, users are now free to create their own split and layered programs and save them to one of the Favorites locations. In fact, a single favorite can access up to three timbres at once – A piano/bass split with a layer of strings, for example. While user splits must be created using the SV-2 Editor, the split point on the keyboard can be adjusted directly from the front panel. Plus, polyphony of the SV-2 now stands at 128 voices, allowing more effective layering of sounds or sustained chording.

Key Features:

  • 128 voices of Polyphony
  • Equipped with an internal K-ARRAY speaker system
  • Free Companion editor
  • 72 compelling sounds, and provides 64 memory locations
  • Great effects :
  • 3-BAND EQUALIZER (Bass, Middle and Treble)
  • PRE FX (Red Compressor, Treble Boost, U-Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, VOX Wah)
  • AMP MODEL (Clean, Twin, Tweed, AC30, Boutique, Organ, plus several types of Cabinet Simulators and Noise Reduction)
  • MODULATION FX (Classic Chorus, Black Chorus, Orange Phaser, Small Phaser, MX Flanger, Rotary)
  • REVERB/DELAY (Room, Plate, Hall, Spring, Tape Echo and Stereo Delay)
  • TOTAL FX (Stereo Mastering Limiter, Stereo Limiter)

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