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SKU# 822030

88-key stage piano with weighted hammer-action

RRP: $5,499.00
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Kurzweil Artis

Kurzweil Artis

RRP: $5,499.00

The Kurzweil Artis 88-key stage piano sets a new standard for incredibly captivating piano sound, while upholding Kurzweil's reputation for powerful and intuitive performance. The Artis features an entirely new German 9' grand piano sound, as well as Kurzweil's revered KB3 ToneReal organ sounds. You can quickly fine-tune your sounds via nine sliders and a dedicated front-panel 3-band EQ section. Quick Split/Layer controls make it easy to create lush combinations of sounds, and Favorites buttons make it effortless to find your favorite sounds fast.

Key features:

  • Performance-focused stage piano with 88-key weighted hammer-action keybed
  • German 9' grand piano sound
  • KB3 ToneReal Organs: featuring 9 drawbar sliders & performance control switches
  • 256 factory programs including the very best sounds from the PC3K & KORE 64 ROM expansion featuring EPs, Clavs, strings, synths, horns, drums, percussion, guitars, vox, mallets & more
  • 256 factory multis: each has up to 4-Zones with Quick Split/Layer functionality & extensive MIDI Control (internal and external). Dedicated Zone Volume Sliders & Zone Mute Switches are incorporated in every Multi.
  • Powerful FX Engine: offering over 1000 effects chains created in Kurzweil's most powerful workstations
  • Dedicated 3-band EQ section makes it incredibly easy to fine-tune any sound fast
  • 22 programmable physical controllers: 9 sliders, 6 switches, 2 wheels, 2 switch pedal inputs (2 dual-pedal ports for a total of 4 inputs), 1 CC Pedal input (1 switch/sustain pedal is included)
  • Dedicated transpose buttons
  • Assignable favorites: 10 dedicated/easily accessed front-panel buttons

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