Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic
Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic Side
Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic Rear Panel

Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic

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Dual Filter Signal Destroyer

  • Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters
  • 1 FM input for Filters, Internal or External audio, LFO or CV
  • 1 VCA Overdrive with AR Generator
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Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic

Sherman Filterbank 2 Classic


The Sherman Filterbank is an analog synthesizer with no competition in its price class. In any studio it's the most inspiring effect unit of all. From precise equalizing on critical tracks to brain-frying filter sweeps, you always have total control. The knobs have different colors to guide you quickly. Get a hands-on feel and just keep kicking the sonic energy in this pure analog machine, over and over again.

It's no wonder many engineers become real Sherman Filterbank addicts. Guitar and bass players will discover a whole new dimension in the creation of their personal sound; what's more, without giving up their familiar way of performing they will find an updated place in today's sound world.

Filterbank's input sensitivity is a perfect line level adjuster up to the middle position; there it becomes more sensitive, up to overdrive with microphone level. Plug in a mic and enjoy processing any acoustic sound source. Drums and percussion can trigger the ADSR and AR generators, or you can apply their dynamics via the envelope follower, e.g., to a string pad passing through the Filterbank. In the meantime, MIDI out will send out the acoustic triggering in a very accurately timed way for later re-use or for direct triggering of another Filterbank. Simple, but more useful in practice than you might think. Not happy with the internal filter sound of your sampler? Sherman Filterbank is the cure, providing the nice velvet feel of a rotating knob for each parameter included!


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