Tech 21 VT Bass V2

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Character Series Bass Driver DI Offers Chunky Funk to High Gain Growl

  • The heart of a classic amp inside
  • SansAmp technology, built-in speaker emulation
  • Proven technology, great products
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Tech 21 VT Bass V2

Tech 21 VT Bass V2

RRP: $629.00

The Character Series pedals take their mojo from the most respected amp tones on both sides of the Atlantic. These pedals don’t just have a single character, they have the whole cast, plot and curtain call.

The Level and Drive controls work like a traditional, well-equipped amp. Low, Mid and High, however, are active, providing a wider array of tonal possibilities.

Then there’s the Character knob, which is something quite unique.

The tower of power pumping through a stack of 10-inchers is the legendary bass tone for players who enjoy being heard.

From chunky funk with the ubiquitous flip top, to the higher gain growl of indie rock.

Still need more? Lean on the Character control for the fat distortion of Crimson and King’s X. It all sounds massive DI.

Clean SVT® thump to dirty earthquaking rump, you dial it in.

The continuously-variable character control moves seamlessly between different model voicings, covering vintage, high-gain and face-melting lead tones.

The Character and Mid controls, and the speaker emulations, are all engineered to personify the specific amplifier traits and speakers associated with each amplifier type.

Put simply, we’ve crammed the entire lineage of each amp style into a funky little box.


  • Authentic-sounding bass tones, from SVT to flip top to modern rock
  • Six level, tone, and drive-shaping controls (Level, Mid, Character, Drive, Low, and High knobs)
  • Built-in defeatable speaker emulation
  • Use as a stompbox, preamp, or standalone recording tool
  • Proven SansAmp quality and reliability


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