Vandoren V12 B-Flat Clarinet Reeds 10 Pack

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Warm, rich and powerful sound

  • Manufactured from cane tubes
  • Thicker heel and are cut on a longer palette
  • Deeper, richer sound
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Reed Size: 2.5
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V12 reeds for Bb clarinet are manufactured from cane tubes with the same diameter as cane used for alto saxophone reeds. As a result, they have a thicker heel and are cut on a longer palette with a slightly thicker tip than the Traditional.

The longer palette means that more of the reed is vibrating, resulting in a deeper, richer sound. The thicker tip gives body to the attack and also increases the longevity of the reed. The introduction of the # 31/2+ strength allows a smaller and more specific gradation, resulting in reeds that are more consistent within the same strength. The V12 line is expanding with the addition of Eb and Bass clarinet reeds, which offer a warm, rich and powerful sound.


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