Teenage Engineering OP-Z

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  • step component composing
  • endless sequencing steps
  • track independent length

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The Teenage Engineering OP-Z has been a long time coming! But, the wait is over!

This uber-compact portable synthesizer/sequencer/drum machine can now be in your hands.

OP-Z is a completely stand-alone synthesizer and composer, ready to to be used at anytime and anywhere. With the flagship and iconic OP-1 taking the world by storm with its compact size yet deep user functionality, with its strength as a 4 track tape recorder. The OP-Z arrives ready for sequencer junkies to dig deep with its capabilities.
For those who want that extra injection of vibrant graphics, interactive user interface synchronized animations to feel inspired, the user can introduce the concept of BYOS - bring your own screen.

Today, with the introduction of the all new OP-Z, teenage engineering will push the boundaries even further. It's about half the size of OP-1, but comes with more dsp power that consumes less energy so now you can fly the atlantic 4 times back and forth, sequencing complete songs on 16 dedicated tracks before you run out of power. Time to land?, just slide it in your pocket.

Still, OP-Z is about a lot more than just composing music. the Z stands for the third dimension, the depth, the creativity involved in making music. imagine animated art and videos that accompany your live show, or sequenced lighting, all the way down to composing your own interactive software. some people would call a device like this a dream machine.

Key Features:

  • step component composing
  • endless sequencing steps
  • track independent length
  • track independent speed
  • parameter locks
  • step recording
  • live recording
  • midi, cv and trig track sequencing
  • image and 3D graphics sequencing
  • DMX light sequencing



Brand Teenage Engineering
Gross Shipping Weight - Volumetric (kgs) 1.0000
Standalone Yes
Connection Type USB-C
Manufacturer Model Number TEE-OPZ
UPC 07350073031320
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